Monday, June 14, 2010

Dustan email. June 14

Mom: Well where to start, lets see, I am doing really good and the area is getting better each and every day. Its getting hotter each and every day. So that really sucks when we ride our bikes and such. Today will be fun cause we are going to play ping pong and get my bike fixed, and go shoping in which i will only get milk cause I'm hoping a miracle will happen this transfer, so keep your fingures crossed. O and if at all possible if you guys could find a $20 laying around the house cause I need to buy 2 more shirts cause 1 doesnt fit and I dont think ever did, and the long sleeve is stained and it looks like it's not coming out. But if you cant that is absolutly fine, I'll just wait for the tax thing to come back. Lets see I said the area is doing good, O had a cool experience In which I was able to have the Holy Ghost bear witness that a guy was going to join the truth, not a wishfull thinking but acutally like it was in every fiber of my body and the spirit nailed us. So that was really cool, cause the girl is believing that the church is ttue but she doesnt want to go it alone and that's when the other thing happened. So yeah relly cool. I wish that God would smite me with the curse of money and may I never recover. hehe. but umm other than that not much going on in the ward right now, O had a awesome ward picnic and alot of people came to it, was huge. Other than that Love you alot and feel bad for you guys about the flees, that really has to suck, but talk to yah laterz

Dad: Lucky that you’re going to scout camp, I so wish that I could be there – like, you have no idea. Today, and all Mondays are pretty boring ‘cause, well, its only 1 day of break and its really not break…and yeah. Umm, I told Mom about it but I had an experience where the Holy Ghost prompted me to say something that I never would say so boldly. So that was a real testimony builder. The area is progressing slowly, but still increasing. It’s also getting hot quick so yeah, that's never good. But other than that, everything is going pretty well atm.

I can’t belive you gave Doc your cards. I hope you didnt give him mine, cause that would stink. Actually, tell him if he wants my cards, all of them, he can send me $30 and they are all his. But that probably won’t happen. I can’t really think of anything to say, so love yah Dad.

Sup my brother from the same mother! That really sucks about the flees I bet they really hurt alot. And I bet the float trip was really fun. And thats awesome that you are playing and watching pokemon. That really stinks that the power went out and you couldnt sleep, but at least you got to go over to amies. Hey tell mom to make a video of the cats so I can see them and the dog to cause I unfortunately lost mine ooops. But love you alot. see yah bro.

Hey sierra you looked so cute in the dance outfit. Your such a good dancer, and it's cause you practice so good. I hear your being silly is that true? I miss you alot and hope you miss me too. My area looks like where we live with a whole bunch of trees. I also like the food out here alot. I miss you

Elder Dustan Barnard

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dustan Months 4-10

June 1, 2010

Hey Mom. I'm now in Altiloma 1st Ward which is in Upland California. I am again companions with Elder Schofield. Our apartment is or was really dirty and we took all day to clean it. It was really digusting but we were able to take it well. The area is really nice. I love my roommate so much. The area is pretty good. I'm going to send you the chip. You will really like it at least I hope you will. The car we have is pretty new. It only has 10,000 miles on it so it is pretty cool. I got another camera and it is pretty rich/sick? Well, how are you doing. Hope everything is going pretty well at home. It's taken almost two days to write you this letter because I've been doing it in my off time. I think I've finally started to work out and my arms feel very weird. It is also very weird to ride a bike again. I was really dead and felt very weak when I rode for just two hours. I hope you are able to read what I'm writing because I've been trying to write in cursive. Right now the area is going kind of slow but we will be able to pick it up very soon. Went to church for the first time and it was the est. Everyone there wanted to meet us. Yesterday was 80 degrees and no wetness. I think I'm about to be so ........?????????........its fury. Sorry wasn't able to email you this Monday. As you know it was Memorial Day so library is always closed on that day. Wow I really need to write a lot. Swell, I'm going to try everytime I write in this form cause I need to relearn it and I've now got a box to put letters I get in there and the sad thing is I haven't got any to put in there for two weeks now. (Mom-I sent them?)But I am patient.

Well, I know this church is true, the plan of salvation works, Joseph Smith was the prophet of the restoration, the Book of Mormon is the word of God. Jesus Christ is our Savior and is the only way back to Heavenly Father. I know that if we endure to the end, we shall receive Eternal Life, which is the greatest gift of all. I know that if we pray to our Father, he will hear our prayers. Again I know this to be the true and living church that Christ set up while on this earth. I know that the Atonement was and is real and that we must repent to enter into our Father's kingdom. I know these things to be true. I say these things and testify of these things. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Love you mom. Sincerely, Dustan Barnard.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Most Informative Letter so Far

Well it is that time of the transfer again and in 5 days we will get transfer calls and I could end up somewhere els so keeping my fingures crossed. It snowed a little bit to day and that kinda bumed me out cause I want it to be warm again I acutally miss the heat out here. Man let me tell you one thing budgeting out here in so cal is a real case and kinda hard but Im slowly getting better at it so I'll be a pro when the time comes. right now Im living off of romen noodles until like friday then I must be wise, what more can I say. This week I got to go on exchanges with my district cause I am roomates with the district leader and so far that is how it has been which is wierd. but thats the way things roll for me I guess. Im still taking pictures and since we now have this new e-mail I will be able to send you pictures from letters from e-mail. but first I must take more pics not near enough. O about 2 weeks ago I finally got my suit dry cleaned for the first time like ever so 6 months hehe. It looks brand new now so that is pretty sweet. O I dont think that I told you but my blood work said that im still alive and that the medicine didnt hurt my liver so that is always good news. Man o man speaking of med, out here I only have to pay $10 for meds, its the best ever. Im acutally getting better at sports out here to cause in the desert there is really nothing to do but sports so thats a good perk. .............Im gonna take a pic of the truck that we have dirty cause thats the only way it ever looks is dirty, its a bummer. We clean it like once a week and right after we clean it 3 things happen, 1 it stays clean= rare, 2 it slowly gets dirty and dirter until covered, 3 or it rains and gets demolished by the next day= often. So our anger leves are always elevated when that happens. But the ward is still treaing us nice so that is good, and we are about to start a pmg class with them and hopefully that will help with the ward lvl of excitment. Hopefully. We had some bbq ribbs yesterday and holy snap they were good. Yesterday I had the sudden urge to have a culvers burger which was very wierd, but now that craving has gone for the time being. How are things going at home for you? anything exciting happen during feb, o Im gonna try to find a card or something to send danny for baptism, who is baping him dad? well love you and all that jazz hehe.

Dustan Barnard

Tuesday, December 29, 2009