Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween and a car

Man, second transfer and I'm in the same area, cant beat that! And we finally got a car for our area. Really excited about it. On Halloween we have to be in by 6pm. It's sad, but I got to trick or treat at the ward trunk or treat. Man I got a stash. The work is still progressing and investagators are coming to church. Keep me in all your prayers.


Dear Elder Rupp & Elder Barnard's Families,

Last night we had the pleasure of having your sons over for dinner and carving pumpkins. We love having them in our home, they are such good examples to our two young boys. We just moved to Southern California a few months ago and we don't have any family here, so the missionaries have really been like our family. They both seem to be doing very well and have such fun personalities! You have really prepared them for the mission field, they are awesome! I hope my boys can grow up just like them. Here are a few pictures from last night that I told them I would send to their families. Enjoy!

Erin Watts

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

Missions are the best thing ever. I've only been out 1 transfer and can really see why the gospel of Jesus Christ is so very important. Tracting is what my area does best. Every day we get the wonderful chance to share the message of salvation with each person we meet and it really strengthens your testimony like no other.

I'd like to thank all those who where my teachers in Church and friends, who helped me gain the knowledge and wisdom I needed to come out here. I'd also like to give a Big THANK YOU to those that helped me financially get out here on my mission. There is no physical way that I can repay you for what you have done. But I will return with honor that I promise you all. O and P.S., I wouldnt mind letters from anyone in the ward-- in fact they would make my day. And who knows, I may even write them back! You all are amaizing.

Well, California life is awesome. The weather is sweet except when the humidity goes up high. It's only rained once here HE HE :) The work is amazing out here. There are so many people who are confused and lost and I get to be a tool in God's hand in bringing them unto the fold. Next time I will give a days schedule but at the moment I must leave you.

Like a sea that never will be moved am I, like the stars my light will never falter, o my trust in thee, o Lord will be, in my life-- my faith will never falter!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dustan with his Mission President and wife

September 22, 2009

Dear Brother and Sister Barnard:

Sister Sanchez and I welcomed your son to the California San Bernardino Mission last Tuesday. He was happy and excited as we greeted him in the airport. We have enclosed a picture taken at the "Conference Tree" in San Bernardino we thought you would like. We have had three sons serve missions, so we know a little of what you are experiencing in the separation. We know that your son is precious to you and we will do our best to encourage him and rejoice with him as he fulfills his purpose here to bring others to the Savior. If you have any extra concerns, please don't hesitate to call us.

His trainer, Elder Rupp, is an excellent missionary, and we feel that we have placed Elder Barnard in excellent hands as he learns the busy life of a missionary. Your son has many talents that were apparent already to us in the day that we spent with him. He has much to add to this mission. The diversity of people, the diversity of areas within the mission, and the good members of the Chruch who are here, will help him certainly have many experiences that will reaffirm his testimony of God's love for all his children, and the universal appeal of the message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

His days will be full of study, exercise, finding people to teach, teaching in non member homes, and working with less-active and part-member families. He will be encouraging and setting a great example to the youth here. Also, service is a big part of his experience. He will become a master teacher of the basic principles of the gospel in word and in deed.

Thank you for caring enough to "send your very best" to help us in this Mission. He may email or write to you on his preparation day, which is Monday. Also he can call on Christmas and Mother's Day. Please encourage him to focus on his purpose here. We find that those who do this are able to be "empowered by home" and not "homesick". He will gain great strength from your support, your advice, and encouragement as he learns to trust in the Lord.


President David T. Sanchez
Sister Carol Sanchez

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sorry, this letter is going to be late. I forgot to write yesterday. It is now Tuesday. We have another baptismal date set up for .... Yesterday we went bowling and I got a 122 score as my highest. I miss you terribly. Could you have Sierra, Danny, you and Michael write me a letter. It would be awesome. The work is still doing good. This will be the shortest letter I ever write to you. So I love you alot and can't wait to talk to you. Oh yeah, on Mondays I am on the internet about 12:20 for about an hour, so if you want to be able to talk on line, there it is. Love you like always.


Elder Dustan Barnard

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

Thanks for the e-mail grandma it feels good to be written to. I will fight a good fight while here and when I get back, oh the stories I'll tell. Conference was the coolest thing that has happened church wise to me yet. We have a young lady who has a baptism date set and we are working on helping her prepair for the date line. She even came to general conference. So that's the fun that's happening with me. I miss being able to visit with you on some weekends. I might get a tap recorder some time in the future and mail stuff to you and mom. That way I can here voices. It's so much funner that way. I will return with honor.

Elder Barnard

October 5, 2009, Monday

Wow, that was the best conference that I've ever attended. I was able to pay attention the whole freaking time, which was amazing. But yeah, send the cd's. We have speakers so it's all allowed. I took 12 pages of notes on conference. My hand really hurts bad.

It got really cold here, hit, I think, like 60 last night, with alot of wind, so I'm going to get a long sleeved shirt cause just the hoody isn't working out to well. I'm really getting into the swing of things here, and I'm really hoping that I will be able to stay in the area that I'm in for another transfer. Right now I'm in Onterio. Go on google maps and look up Whispering Lakes Apartments near a golf course. That's where you will find me at.

It's so cold at night that I had to get another blanket to stay warm at night. I've never felt so much wind in one day in my life. It's constantly blowing really hard. Every day I spend with my companion and the others in the apartment I go a little more insane. Love you a whole bunch, still working on pictures to send to you. Only have like 10, not much to capture. Ooooo, I'm going to send you 2 more e mails for Danny and Sierra so I don't have to write them a letter. Really hurts my hands. But again Love you alot.



Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Mother:

How's it going? don't know what to really write to you about. Today I went ice skating. It's really freaking hard to do. I crashed into the wall way too much.

I also crashed my bike today by pressing on the break way too hard. So I went toppling to the ground. Tell Sierra and Danny and Dad I love them. My arms hurt so much that this letter is rare at this time. Ummmmm, we also went shopping today. Milk here is only $2.19. .......? My body is getting used to it little by little.

I finished the Book of Mormon while here. I'm now reading all 4 books at the same time. Thanks for all the emails. They make me really happy. Make my blog really cool. I've finally got used to the schedule. Love you a whole bunch.


Elder Dustan Barnard