Thursday, December 10, 2009

How is it going there? I finally am being transferred... don't know where to yet, but God has chosen me to go somewhere else. But Christmas is coming up soon and I have so much to be thankful for. We went to the Devotional for Christmas and got to hear the Prophet speak. And just in case you watched it, the guy that gave the opening prayer was the one that we were able to be taught by. I am kinda sad that I'm leaving my area when a baptism is so close. But its not about me is it? It's about what God knows. Started to pack my stuff today and last night. I got a little depressed but I've cheered up since then. It's raining here at the moment, been raining all day. And they say it's going to rain for 2 more days but we will see how well that holds up, won't we? I got to help confer the Holy Ghost on someone 2 days ago. It felt wierd but good at the same time, I can't quite explain it. But its better left that way anyway so I can learn more about it. You been sticking to your diet? Just wondering but to tell you the truth I dont care what you weigh. You'll always be my mother who helped me get through so much. I've actually been thinking about you some while during this christmas season, and you were truly the pushing force in my life and I will thank you always for that. But enough about us. Let's see, hmmmm........ We have now tracted almost our whole area and Rupp is going to train again in the same area so I have no idea how he's going to accomplish that feat. but he will. I've had a lot of fun while out here with him. Like you and me, he was my complete opposite so we had to get along and I will truly miss him. I wish you could've met him. But mabye you will some day. Now I must send letters to others I love so Tengo moindia, dont know how to spell it.

Love Elder Barnard

Hey danny, I miss you alot. I'm having fun out here, and I hope your having fun at home. Its cool that you are skating now. I tried ice skateing but feel a whole bunch of times. I felt silly. You be a good brother for sierra, and obey mom and dad.

Hi sierra, I miss you alot. I hope you are being good for mom and dad. I hope you have a fun christmas.

I'm getting transferred in 1 day, and I have no idea where they are going to send me. But I've been told that is how it always works. Question for you, How do I teach to the investagators needs, or to be more specific how do I feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost so that I can teach to their needs. Its one of my hardest struggles and I've looked up quite a bit about it and still can't find the answer so any insight you have would be much appreciated. But how are you holding up at home. I've learned that if you're feeling down, you just give service and you cheer up freaking quick, also bare your testimony to those around you and you will feel better. I've been thinking about you some while during this month, and I'd like to say thanks for being a father to me and helping me with what you knew. I'm glad you were and are my father. And one more bit of advise that helps me is a scripture my companion uses constantly with alot of people we meet. When the savior is talking he says "My peace I leave with you, not as the world giveth, give I unto you." that scripture gives me so much comfort. But I do love you and hope to hear from you soon.

Elder Barnard

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