Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today I will send you the video card with the pics. There aren't many on it, but hey, at least I took some pictures, I'm thinking about buying a gps for like $90, It will take some saving but will be totally worth it cause maps do not help on a mission at all. After I talked with you guys got kinda sad. But that is okay. Sunday was a nice day. We had a good sacrament meeting and good ward council. Me and my companion are going great, and we were really happy to have 5 investagators at church. I'll start to write letters soon. But for the time we don't have any time cause we have to chauffer around our district cause we are the only ones with a car. But today I will have some time so I'll stop talking in this so I can write in that.


Well well, It's now after chirstmas so you and I and all who live can relax, and that's the truth. O man, I have to tell you something funny. Me and my companion go garbage pile looting, it's so fun. I know it sounds wierd, like your garlic honey and peanut rice sauce, and just like that stuff-- you can't dis it till you try it. But besides that we just got splits going again in our ward, cause the missionaries before didn't do it at all I think, but we are changing that. One of our Investagators has an interesting problem, he can't remember stuff at all when it comes to short or long term except for a few things. It's cause he had a diabetic coma. so the only people he remembers are like his wife, people that regularly visit, and the bishop. But he's a super nice guy, but it's freaking hard to teach him when he forgets very fast.

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