Monday, February 22, 2010

Most Informative Letter so Far

Well it is that time of the transfer again and in 5 days we will get transfer calls and I could end up somewhere els so keeping my fingures crossed. It snowed a little bit to day and that kinda bumed me out cause I want it to be warm again I acutally miss the heat out here. Man let me tell you one thing budgeting out here in so cal is a real case and kinda hard but Im slowly getting better at it so I'll be a pro when the time comes. right now Im living off of romen noodles until like friday then I must be wise, what more can I say. This week I got to go on exchanges with my district cause I am roomates with the district leader and so far that is how it has been which is wierd. but thats the way things roll for me I guess. Im still taking pictures and since we now have this new e-mail I will be able to send you pictures from letters from e-mail. but first I must take more pics not near enough. O about 2 weeks ago I finally got my suit dry cleaned for the first time like ever so 6 months hehe. It looks brand new now so that is pretty sweet. O I dont think that I told you but my blood work said that im still alive and that the medicine didnt hurt my liver so that is always good news. Man o man speaking of med, out here I only have to pay $10 for meds, its the best ever. Im acutally getting better at sports out here to cause in the desert there is really nothing to do but sports so thats a good perk. .............Im gonna take a pic of the truck that we have dirty cause thats the only way it ever looks is dirty, its a bummer. We clean it like once a week and right after we clean it 3 things happen, 1 it stays clean= rare, 2 it slowly gets dirty and dirter until covered, 3 or it rains and gets demolished by the next day= often. So our anger leves are always elevated when that happens. But the ward is still treaing us nice so that is good, and we are about to start a pmg class with them and hopefully that will help with the ward lvl of excitment. Hopefully. We had some bbq ribbs yesterday and holy snap they were good. Yesterday I had the sudden urge to have a culvers burger which was very wierd, but now that craving has gone for the time being. How are things going at home for you? anything exciting happen during feb, o Im gonna try to find a card or something to send danny for baptism, who is baping him dad? well love you and all that jazz hehe.

Dustan Barnard

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