Monday, September 28, 2009

September 21, 2009

Dear Mom:

Being out here in California is so awesome. The apartment that I'm living in is said to be the biggest one in the whole mission. My trainers name is Elder Rupp. He's a lot like Stella was when she was in our ward. But he has taught me a lot while here on the mission. We are roomed with two other elders. Elder Davies and Elder Ika is what they are called. Everyone here has a sense of humor which I like a lot. The last 4 days feel like they have only been one day. Buying my own food is kinda wierd. The word has been going good. I'm still nervous when I talk to people, but I've only been out for 4 days, so I'll get over it eventually. We''ve given 23 lessons while I've been here. O the ward I'm in is kinda small but still cool. Yesterday I learned how to bible bash, but with love and care.

The bikes front tire popped the 3rd day out and we were really far from our apartment. I also found out what a n allergic reaction is. My neck broke out in hives yesterday which was the 20th. I'm okay now, I think ! :( I do miss you alot and can't wait till Christmas where we can chat for a while. The temperature here is driving me crazy. It's always hot, and I found out the lowest it gets is 70 in Ontari, and even then the 70 is rare. In three days I got a really good sunburn. I'm not really tan.

I'll tell you what; It's really weird waking up and not finding your family there to greet you. Something that you probably know is mission food is so unhealthy and since we are on a budget, we buy the cheapest stuff, which is usually the most unhealthy of all.......

Dustan Barnard

Dear Michael:

Hey, it's awesome out here. The sun is a little too strong, but I'll get used to it eventually. My apartment is awesome. When I got here, my trainer had caught a praying mantis and named it Rocky. We had to let it go because the surplus of food or flys was nowhere to be found. Procyiliting is fun work. Here they call it finding though. (?) It's hard to find sometimes, because once in awhile we will tract into a really cute young lady. The mission is changing me so much. I can't beliveve the changes that have been wrought. I love preaching the Gospel of Christ to people. because the changes that happen are awesome. And I know that the mission doesn't quit after I leave San Bernardino..It goes on forever. Way off topic, my bike is so cool and I thought biking would be hard, but I was wrong. Out here member dinners are always full, but very occasionally we will have to make our own dinner. But again, I love it out here. I can't wait to talk to you at Christmas.


Dustan Barnard

Dear Sierra:

How's it going Sierra? I miss you a whole lot. Are you doing good in school? My mission is really fun. It is so cool here. I get to talk to people about Jesus and that is the best person ever. Write me sometime! I love you.


Elder Dustan Barnard

Dear Danny Boy:

How is it going Danny? Anything fun happen this week. I miss being able to play with you so much. My mission is really fun though. I'm outside alot. I get to ride a bike everywhere I go. Have you got any new games to play? How has school been going for you? Guess what pet I had for a little while? It was a praying mantis! We found it flys when it was hungry. Mission work is really cool Danny6. You get to meet so many people. It's the best thing ever. You be a good boy for Mom and Dad, they know what is best for you. Love you a ____lot!!!


Dustan Barnard

Elder Barnard

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