Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, I still dont know where or if I will be transferred. We don't know until like the day before. But that is fine. We went to a family's house for dinner Thanksgiving. Their names are the ..... They were very nice and have been since we got here. This week I will not be able to write you a letter cause P-day is cut short about 2 hours cause we have to go see some investagators. But Ill just e-mail you a huge e-mail. So the area has been going very well. The city is already getting ready for Christmas season to be here. This week we were just like at home which was our cash was running on nothing but fumes. I tell you what, 5 week months I hate. But we got our msf refilled yesterday so I will live another day. I keep thinking about what I would do if I was home right now and I calculated that I spent umm 2592 hours on the computer which is a waste of 118 days of my life and that is if I only played 3 hours a day. I feel ashamed of that but am glad I came out here to break that cycle. We are still stoked about the baptism the 19th of December. Man I cannot wait till christmas so I can talk to you guys. O yeah I also got the cd's thankyou thankyou!!!!! They made life so much better. You know me with details-- so send me an e-mail with what you want to know about the mission and I will try to answer all questions.

Love you,

Dustan/Elder Barnard

I wish I could read with my favorite sister sierra. I miss huging her and playing with her. I'm glad you miss me cause that means you love me. You are a very good dancer sierra, and a very smart Big girl! you make me feel like a very proud big brother. Miss you.


Hi Bro. I miss you. Its cool that you got to have thanksgiving with family. i thought about you while here. Your a big boy, and you will grow up to be a fine young man. Love you and miss you .


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