Monday, November 2, 2009

November 2nd Email

Well today we were able to e-mail way earlier because we now have a car. We have a investagator who is close to being baptised. His whole family, except him, are members. But he is coming to church and believes in the doctrine of the gospel. So that's some exciting news. This week was the most filled week I've had so far in the mission field. We are starting to get candy out the wazoo because there are leftovers fromHalloween. My companion Elder Rupp is A Character. Our whole apartment got sick last night, I had a severe head ache, Rupp had a sick stomach, Davies felt weak and Sega threw up. So last night was very interesting. Our missionary funds have been refueled so now we won't die! Something funny to think about, I've had 7 popped tires, 1 for each week. Hopefully this transfer they will stay intact because I'll tell you what-- when you take 7 x 7 thats 49 dollars going to bike, Ick!! But other than that, the mission is a blast. We just got a car and now we can tract in a place called the preserves. On bike it would take us about 1 hour to reach it but in the car its like 15 min so we are super excited. It also helps us with shopping and things of that sort. Our mission president has put a stress on finding people to teach because numbers are low this time around.

Love you and write you soon.

P.S. Well, I just told you about all I can think of at the moment. Ohhh-- While out here I found out the importance of member missionary work. There are things that we as missionaries can not do, and the members are there to do just that. And by do, its just that I mean that they can relate to the investigator way more than the missionary. They can also befriend the investagator way more because as missionaries, our jobs are to find those to baptize, then the ward is supposed to take the reigns. Well, love you mom.

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