Saturday, October 3, 2009


Dear Mother:

How's it going? don't know what to really write to you about. Today I went ice skating. It's really freaking hard to do. I crashed into the wall way too much.

I also crashed my bike today by pressing on the break way too hard. So I went toppling to the ground. Tell Sierra and Danny and Dad I love them. My arms hurt so much that this letter is rare at this time. Ummmmm, we also went shopping today. Milk here is only $2.19. .......? My body is getting used to it little by little.

I finished the Book of Mormon while here. I'm now reading all 4 books at the same time. Thanks for all the emails. They make me really happy. Make my blog really cool. I've finally got used to the schedule. Love you a whole bunch.


Elder Dustan Barnard

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